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Winter wild camping Lapland Finland

Winter wild camping Lapland Finland
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Winter wild camping Lapland Finland
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Winter wild camping Lapland Finland

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Use all guy lines of the tent to prevent the tent from tilting during strong gusts of wind! It is not recommended to use the tent heater or other heating devices in tents with a wind force of more than 10 m / s! The tent and tent heater are not toys and not suitable for children! Do not use flammable substances for ignition! DO NOT use gas, gas appliances, and oil-fired appliances for heating! Make sure you use a fire detector (smoke sensor) when heating a tent. Check the performance regularly and replace the batteries regularly! Be careful when setting up the tent. The tent poles can cause injury! Only install the tent heater in a specially equipped tent. Place a heat-resistant fabric mat on the floor or on the floor before installing the tent heater! Be careful while bathing. To prevent burns, do not touch the metal parts of the tent (frame). Pour water in small portions onto the tent heater! When using a heater, do not close all windows and entrances! Provide fresh air in the tent!
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