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Winter tent UP-5

Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Our choice
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
Winter tent UP-5
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Winter tent UP-5
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  • Model: Winter tent UP-5
  • Weight: 28.50kg
  • Dimensions: 140.00cm x 40.00cm x 40.00cm
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Winter tent UP-5 

the best tent for 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 person while winter camping. The Winter tent UP-5 is compatible with a wood burning stove. Best price @ Russian Tents

Winter tent UP-5 two-layer tent-type quick-assembly tent on an eight-beam aluminum frame. The UP-5 tent will comfortably accommodate up to 8 people in sleeping bags and up to 4 people when using folding beds. UT-5 tent is an excellent choice for hunting, fishing and tourism at any time of the year.

The umbrella umbrella frame is made of a rod of aluminum aviation alloy V95T1 with a diameter of 10 mm. Resistance to corrosion, temperature and rigidity guarantee the reliability and durability of such a frame. Due to the convenient disclosure, the installation of the UP-5 tent takes no more than 1 minute. The possibility of quick assembly is especially relevant in the autumn-winter period.

The scheme of the tent UP-5

The umbrella design, large size and reliability of the UP-5 frame provide several advantages:

  • Quick and easy disclosure.
  • The size allows you to stay in full growth and provide freedom of movement.
  • The accumulation of precipitation on the outer tent is minimized.
  • 8 support arcs provide stability when installed in open areas (in the steppes or in winter fishing).
  • The streamlined shape contributes to additional stability in wind gusts.

Buy a Winter tent UP-5

The outer tent of the UP-5 is made of high-tech water-repellent Oxford fabric 300 PU 4000, the inner tent is Oxford 210 PU 2000. Both tents are independent, attached to the frame with limes. The air gap formed between the tents, provides protection from wind, rain and natural condensate. The seams of the tent Berek UP-5 are taped with a sealing thermal tape, which provides additional protection for the external and internal awnings from leaking under various types of precipitation.

At the bottom of the tent is a protective skirt with loops for fastening stakes. The hinges on the outer tent of the UP-5 Shore are equipped with pockets and are made using reflective elements.

Two entrances of the UP-5 tent are equipped with mosquito nets, fabric entrances from the external and internal awnings with a zipper. It is possible to connect a swing door to both entrances of the tent (1 piece is supplied as standard)

External awning is connected to the frame with reliable lindens from frost-resistant PVC. Such lindens are rather wide in size and are located at the folds, preventing arcs from folding, and also protecting the awning of the tent from mechanical damage.

The inner tent of UP-5 is attached to the frame with limes, so it is easy to remove it, and turn the tent itself into an easier version of a summer residential module.

Awnings tents Winter tent UP-5

The inner tent of the UP-5 tent is additionally equipped with a zippered bottom, which is fastened above the surface of the ground, which prevents frost frosting and limits the access of moisture during rain. The floor, if necessary, is completely unfastened.

In the autumn-winter period, we recommend using a three-layer insulated bottom with the construction of a “sandwich” of foil and insulation. The warmed bottom for UP-5 completely isolates moisture, and also promotes preservation of heat in a tent. You can lay the bottom in two ways: spread under a tent or put it inside.

On the outer tent there is a zipper for fastening a universal vestibule with dimensions of 2, 3 or 5 meters. The tent Shore UP-5 is compatible with all universal vestibules.

Tent of Unitary Enterprise 5 and platform 3х2 BeregGell-net under the dome of UP-5

The multifunctional windows of the Winter tent UP-5 tent consist of several layers:

  1. Protective valve external awning with a rigid support on the linden.
  2. Window filling from transparent cold-resistant PVC (use temperature up to -80 degrees).
  3. External awning on a lightning.
  4. Anti-mosktinaya grid with a zipper.
  5. Internal awning on a lightning.

The Winter tent UP-5 is all-season, which allows the use of the residential module in combination with long-wood-burning stoves. For maximum safety, the wall inside the tent (in the place where the furnace is installed) is additionally equipped with a removable heat-resistant fabric capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200 degrees. Cutting the chimney in the roof of the tent. The UP-5 Shore is an insert of the same heat-resistant fabric with a stainless steel ring. This design eliminates the possibility of contact of the hot pipe with the fabric of the tent, increasing fire safety. Heat-resistant fabric with silicone impregnation is not exposed to moisture and does not support combustion.

Cutting the chimney of a tent UE 5 Place for the installation of the furnace tent UP-5 Shore

In the winter tent Bereg UE-5, it is recommended to use insulated bottom, an arctic mantle (for temperatures below -25 degrees) and hiking stoves Bereg.

Equipment Winter tent UP-5

  1. Two entrances with anti-mosquito net with zippers, one of which is a swing door.
  2. Lightning above the entrance for fastening vestibule for tents UE.
  3. Two five-layer windows (loopholes) with wind and moisture protection curtains, mosquito nets.
  4. Chimney cutting, standard size 90 mm (when ordering, free replacement of the diameter of the ring is possible).
  5. Four removable linden organizers.
  6. Shelf-net under the dome.
  7. Bottom with zipper. Fully removable.
  8. Hinges on the inner tent for drying things or mounting a flashlight.
  9. A visor installed above the entrance for comfortable use of the tent in the conditions of precipitation. Fastened with buttons, if necessary, unfastened.
  10. Vent window at the bottom for air flow.

Possibilities of using the Winter tent UP-5

  • Winter tent with stove
  • Fishing tent
  • Mobile Mobile Bath
  • Summer camping tent
  • Tent


  • Carefully fix the tent on the surface in case of strong gusts of wind to avoid tipping!
  • It is not recommended to use the furnace and other heating devices in tents with a wind of more than 10 m / s!
  • Do not allow drunken people to use and young children!
  • Do not use flammable substances for ignition!
  • DO NOT use gas, gas equipment and oil fueled devices for heating!
  • Be sure to use a fire detector (smoke sensor) when heating a tent. Regularly check its performance and change batteries!
  • When installing and assembling, be careful when handling the elastic bars of the frame. Sharp extension can lead to injury!
  • Install the oven only in a specially equipped area. Spread a heat-resistant cloth mat on the floor or the ground before installing the oven!
  • Take care when bathing. Do not touch the metal parts of the tent (frame rods, locks) to avoid burns. Pour water on the stove in small portions!
  • When operating with a stove, do not close all windows and entrances! Provide fresh air in the room!

Buy a Winter tent UP-5 at the manufacturer’s price at the Russian Tents online store!

Diameter 4.4 m
Places for sleeping mats 8
Height 2.2 m
Sleeping places 3-6
Weight 27.5 kg
Number of layers 2
Diameter chimney pipe, mm 90
Number of windows 2
Number of entries 2
Possibility for insulated floor (option) Yes
Summer floor Including
Number of vestibules (option) 1
Packing size 1.4 х 0.4 х 0.4 m
Framework Aluminium 7075
Diameter poles, mm 10 mm
Outer layer Oxford 300 PU 4000 mm
Inner layer Oxford 210 PU 2000 mm
Number of pegs 1
Number of visors at the entrance 1
Fireproof rug 1 (for double-layer tents)
Number of meters of rope 1
Number of spare part kits 1
Number of manual & warranty cards 1

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Use all guy lines of the tent to prevent the tent from tilting during strong gusts of wind! It is not recommended to use the tent heater or other heating devices in tents with a wind force of more than 10 m / s! The tent and tent heater are not toys and not suitable for children! Do not use flammable substances for ignition! DO NOT use gas, gas appliances, and oil-fired appliances for heating! Make sure you use a fire detector (smoke sensor) when heating a tent. Check the performance regularly and replace the batteries regularly! Be careful when setting up the tent. The tent poles can cause injury! Only install the tent heater in a specially equipped tent. Place a heat-resistant fabric mat on the floor or on the floor before installing the tent heater! Be careful while bathing. To prevent burns, do not touch the metal parts of the tent (frame). Pour water in small portions onto the tent heater! When using a heater, do not close all windows and entrances! Provide fresh air in the tent!
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