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Winter tent

As the word winter tent says, this is a tent that is extremely suitable for the coldest season; the winter. In addition to the winter, this tent is also suitable for the other seasons. What makes a winter tent a winter tent? We can easily answer that question; A winter tent is a tent that is extremely suitable in colder times such as winter and ensures that you have a nice warm home. How? Thanks to a wood burning stove. In all our winter tents there is a recess for the chimney of the wood stove and on top of that there is a heat-resistant strip has been applied on the inside of the 'winter tents with a double layer'. Winter camping is a unique experience. The silence, tranquility and beauty of nature come together. In winter you have more chance to see the Northern Lights, you can go ice fishing and all practice other winter sports. We test all our winter tents ourselves, for this we go wild camping in the winter in Norway, Sweden and Finland you could say throughout Scandinavia. You can go wild here camping and enjoy nature. Would you like to join us once on a adventure with the winter tent with a wood burning stove? Then go to the expeditions and category and order your adventure for a fantastic experience. We keep a blog in which we as honestly as possible our experiences of the winter tent share so that you can make the best choice for your winter tent. But if we are honest, a movie says more than a thousand words so you can find our videos on our YouTube channel for a good impression. We make reviews of the winter wild camping in a winter tent and we make a aftermovie of the adventure, give you tips & tricks and we show how to you set up the winter tent.

Winter tent for sale

We have an extensive range of winter tents for sale which you can expand with a wood stove, you can also order a wood burning stove when you buy a winter tent then you also benefit from a discount thanks to the package deals. When you order a wood stove for the winter tent you get a refractory mat which it you can put the under the wood burning stove so when a piece of burning wood from the stove falls on the ground cover of the winter tent does not melt. If you use a wood-burning stove, we always recommend that you provide sufficient ventilation and use of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Furthermore, when you buy a winter tent, we recommend that you purchase an insulated floor, for the winter this is a must have for a comfortable overnight stay in your winter tent. With the search filters you can also filter by number of people. We have winter tents which suitable for 1, 2, 3, 4 person with wood burning stove, extending to winter tents for 60 people. We have a large storage area with winter tents so that we can order immediately after your online order the corridor. When you have a winter tent and any accessories such as a wood stove when ordered we pack everything carefully and everything will be double checked before we send you post a winter tent. After shipment you will receive a track and trace code from us you can follow your order and you can immediately plan your adventure.

Russian Tents

If you are looking for a winter tent you have come to the right place. Winter tents and all matching accessories such as a wood burning stoves, there is a specific one for each winter tent. We have wood-burning stoves available in all sizes and various variants. In our shop you can easily compare and make the best choice for your adventure.

Do you have questions about the winter tent? Please call us or use the online contact form. We would love to hear from you!